Adventure Time: Sun Came Out

After waking up to more rain yesterday, Sunday brought the sunshine. Before I even looked outside properly I noticed my parents bikes were gone, so that meant go time. I was straight on the phone to see who was about and if we could sneak in a ride before the weather closed in once again. The sun kept shinning for the better part of the day. It was good getting back out on the bike even if it was just for a quick cruise and not with the whole team.

No internet access on Qantas yet but was still able to put together an update during the flight.

Despite not riding as often anymore, I’ve been lucky enough to retain my number one sponsor, Sushi Mania. It was a quick visit as I was working to a schedule today. Managed to get wasabi in my eye which was far from awesome.

Returned home, packed my bag for Sydney then got dropped at the train station. I’m no stranger to catching the train but typically don’t take it all the way to the airport. Nice not getting off at the university stop. Forgot there was actually a noticeable difference between Qantas and the other carries flying domestic. Qantas seats are actually pretty good, having two seats could also be a factor. They are also currently playing with the idea of giving every passenger an Ipad instead of installing new screens. Probably would be a more cost effective option for them and not require any downtime for their aircraft.


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