Adventure Time: Did Not Actually Make It Home

I had planned on being at home this morning but they didn’t really work out. After spending over three hours on the runway at Sapporo waiting for a clearing in the weather we were not able to make the connecting flight home from Seoul. We ended up missing our flight be less than an hour which was a little painful. They put us up at the Hyatt overnight, with it being located 3mins away from the airport. The Hyatt was in the middle of know where with not a lot on offer. I’m back at the airport now waiting for the same flight as yesterday just a day late.


5 thoughts on “Adventure Time: Did Not Actually Make It Home

    • Yeah tomorrow morning, just hanging out at your country’s award winning airport. It is actually pretty good, I can see why it has done well for itself. Still haven’t go flight details from work so who knows.

  1. What an annoyance. Just watched a movie trailer I think tells the story of one/both of our lives – look up ‘God Bless America’ featuring Joel Murray.

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