Adventure Time: Lunch

After failing to locate a certain place to get Okonomiyaki. I did some more extensive research, drew a map and wrote down directions. I came to the conclusion that the place simply doesn’t exist anymore and Okonomiyaki isn’t super common in Sapporo. Also tried again to find the ever so allusive purple label North Face backpack but still no backpacks to be had. Saw a girl walking around with the actual bad I wanted as well. We had curry for lunch and to say the serve was generous was an understatement. Dad opted to get a few semi friend eggs on his which was apparently key to its success. Checked out their University, lucky I already have my piece of paper. Didn’t get directionally challenge on the walk home either, that was pretty cool.

On a side note I burnt the roof of my mouth. Curry never really presents well either but here are some photos regardless.


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