Adventure Time: Snacks

The department store was still open on our return from dinner, enabling me to pick up these. I can’t tell you their correct name but they are awesome. Red bean or custard fills some form of pancake like mixture housing, they are served warm.


8 thoughts on “Adventure Time: Snacks

  1. yo, you should be able to get purple label at any store, they should sell it any department store or anywhere that sells hiking shit like colombia, pendelton etc…..

    • D is for Deadly, I knew before I bought it. Didn’t taste that awesome though the melon fanta was a far better choice. When do you start work? You should also update some form of internet based thing.

  2. Leisure life ends forever on monday. Yeah, I have a heap of photos to get to but am lazy. Should also finish that ‘alright brisbane times’ recap thing I made a pretty weak start to too.

    • My leisure life is coming to an end as well, I fly to work Tuesday and start Wednesday. When you get a living location I’ll come down and visit, hopefully bring the bike as well.

  3. I have a feeling this is the beginning of the anti-dream. Visits sound like pretty good way to try relive the old thursday skate days but. Inspected a couple of houses today actually so the ball is well and truly rolling.

    • Had to start work at sometime, I guess. I’m starting a new series of just a photo of my face everyday during the working life, as in Monday-Friday. I’ll give you a call tomorrow night.

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