Adventure Time: Sapporo Sunshine

Today was just spent walking around the city with no real agenda, except to look at a few stores and eat. On checking the weather in the morning a figure of -17 was displayed on the screen which I wasn’t too happy about. By the time we got ready and left it had warmed up to a more acceptable -6, the temperature remained in the negatives throughout the day. I haven’t seen the sun in its prime for a few days little alone blue skies so the photos reflect that.

The shops are big and their are a lot of them but most things you can get at home for a similar price, predominately less. Checked out a few electronics stores, their layouts are confusing. Finally was able to pick up a new camera strap as well, which should make carrying my camera around my neck a little less of an ordeal. They had a few camera that made you look twice mainly Leica’s and Mamiya’s. I was only chasing one thing during my stay and that was a purple label North Face backpack but they are sold out all over the country apparently, at North Face stores anyway.


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