Bike Is Finished Now

How a return to BMX resulted in close to a brand new bike.

  1. Old handle bars were dead, with some serious down sweep, new bars required.
  2. Got back on the Fit and decided I wanted to run left hand side drive train.
  3. New rear wheel required to do so.
  4. After a long life the rear end of the Fit gave in to too many handle bar throws.
  5. New frame purchased.
  6. Now the bike was front end heavy.
  7. Swapped parts with Jimmy for new fork and front wheel.
  8. Bike was complete
  9. Only original parts, seat post and tires.


  • Frame: S&M BTM (Big Time Mobbing)
  • Fork: Colony
  • Bars: S&M Grand Slams XLT, Cult x Vans grips
  • Stem: Profile Acoustic
  • Headset: Odyssey
  • Cranks: Profile 170’s Chrome
  • Sprocket: Tree Lite
  • Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
  • Front Wheel: Animal laced to WeThePeople
  • Rear Wheel: G-Sport Birdcage laced to Colony clone
  • Tires: Fit 2.1
  • Seating: Animal Kush, Kink post

Weight – 9.75kg


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