Blue sky brought in the first day of spring in the correct way. Sam and Wongy came down to hang out for the day, we were pretty productive. I don’t think my boot has ever been so well prepared for a good day.  The boot had in it something for everyone; picnic rug, bmx, skateboards, deck shoes, floral hat and much more. If none of that sounds like a good idea to you that is a little upsetting. I’m currently into hand rolls in a big way, they just seem so logical. What you see on the screen is “Summer”, the Boss’s favourite. If you’re in the area or even have to travel from Brisbane like Sam and Wongy say hi to Sean at Sushi Mania.

Activity List

  1. Nerang skatepark (Finished due to rear puncture.)
  2. Beach (Despite the sunshine the water was still fresh.)
  3. Sushi Mania (Sean impressed behind the train, too no surprise. The guy does have a perfect record)
  4. Pizzy skatepark (second rear puncture)
  5. Game of SKATE in the driveway

I made the mistake of just going to some average chain bike store to buy a new tube. Turns our it didn’t last very long. I will have a proper look tonight at the rim/tire to see if I was at fault. Regardless I should have a complete new rear wheel soon.


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