574’s were on for the majority of the day, later switched out for beater to do the garden. I ventured out tonight to attend a 21st. Prior to this I went to the bottle shop and to my surprise they finally stock berry cider. I use to only get a bottle of this every time someone went overseas but now it is right around the corner. It was Hannah’s birthday tonight one of her friends made her a Barbie cake though the candy in the jars surrounding this was what got me in. Candy is awesome, I was pretty tempted to just sit under the table and eat clouds all night. My camera was with me but I just put the 50mm prime on which wasn’t ideal.

Back at home by 11:00 but that probably says more about me then anything else. Plus the final tour show down was on tonight. Now I get to listen to music that I want to as well, it is always a killer when someone always feels the need to switch songs. How do you make the choice to skip from Notorious to Lady Gaga, its just not logical.


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