Melbourne Part 1

I have already completed a recap of events over on BR’s blog because he struggles with words but that was more bike related. Now for a proper run down, hopefully it is slightly better as it is my second attempt. Monday consisted of a flight, bus ride and a short yet rather painful walk to our apartment for our stay. Fully loaded bike bags were never designed to be carried over the shoulder for long distances. On arrival we pieced together our bikes before I took us in the completely wrong direction on the way to my friend’s place. I was under the impression we were heading in the correct direction though it turned out I had mistaken my key direction building landmark. Caught up with Ling Ling for dinner then called it a night.

Saint cloud, pizza and Lord of the Fries took up the majority of Tuesday. Also checked out some other bike spots but they don’t really rate a mention. Nick from Saint Cloud was cool, I was keen to check out one of their rides but rain got in the way of that the following night. City riding in Melbourne seems to be a more casual affair then Brisbane. Not sharing the bike lane with buses has a large part to play in this.


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