Jean, Jono, Sam and Wongy ventured down tonight for Bennett’s alleycat, Seok Ho also came and hung out. The turnout wasn’t amazing but a few people braved the cold to ride around the streets. We manned a check point at the skatepark, handing out stickers to the riders. So we took the time to mess about, skateboards, BMX and my bike were packed. The highlight of the night would have been when Wongy ollied off a ledge though he didn’t give any warning, resulting in no photo. It was the Charmers first skatepark outing but I didn’t travel to far away from the ledges.

The main jobs of the night was firstly to hand out stickers and secondly document. Stickers success, documenting not so much. Plenty of finish BBQ photos though no action photos to speak of. I will blame the location as it didn’t lead to any real decent rider photo opportunities. Seok Ho took a few photos with his camera which always results in a win, once they are developed.


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