I catch up with Sean on a weekly basis but it is typically while he is working, therefore a day trip was over due. Seok Ho and Wongy also came to hang out both with their cameras in hand. I actually prefer film to digital but I simply don’t have the patience to wait to see the results. Ben and Nick have made a strong comeback in a new location after the floods took away their old hide out. My photos didn’t do the re-established Apartment justice, so they have been left out. The new space is defiantly worth a look, it is a complete flip compared to their old store.

Madtongsan didn’t disappoint either. Despite our best efforts to bully Seok Ho into speaking Korean to the staff he refused. Dropped into to see Sam, not sure if he was happy with that or not. Asking for suggestions of places to go have beers, while he was still at work probably wasn’t the kindest conversation topic. The ping-pong table was also out of action and the single put-put hole just does not have the same appeal.

Their was talk of checking out the latest GOMA offering but Sean had already seen it. We did walk through the art gallery and you can take photos. A hand rail and ledge court my eye out of all the current offerings and it is a permeate feature. Made a fly through visit to the museum but it wasn’t as cool as I remember.


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