First Class

Fruit Loops is always a good way to start the day. I was only able to buy the largest box so I tried my best to make a mark on it. My morning was pretty relaxed, while my sister spent the morning running around the city trying to sort things out. My Aunty and Uncle flew down for the day, with them even having the foresight to hire a car for the day. I personally would have never thought to hire a car for a day as we were just in the city but it was a stroke of genius. Our timing throughout the day was spot on from picking us up from our hotel to flying out at night.

Brunch was the first event of the day. The place we went was sweet and I would defiantly go again, even if it was just for these zucchini fries I ate for a starter before hotcakes.  The actual graduate ceremony was next. To Sydney Uni’s credit it wasn’t too bad and being engineering they were efficient. I have always known my sister was smarter but yesterday sealed the deal, when she graduated with first class honours. A few drinks after the proceedings and it was off to the airport. The idea of going places for the day is actually decent, even if you just went out for lunch somewhere nice.

I made a quick video, I wasn’t really on the ball other wise I would have got more footage throughout the day.


4 thoughts on “First Class

  1. I have also discovered fruit loops in the USA at our hotels. Andrew where are your teeth? I know they are straight white and lovely.

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