The Fixie GC shirt actually makes sense today, well the bottom part anyway. I woke up at 7:00am, got picked up and drove over the border where I would go bush walking. Mount Warning was on the cards today, I haven’t been for at least 10 years and I do not remember the walk being this long.

More on the day

An hour 45 up and 45mins down. I decided to speed up my decent, the quicker I got down the better was what I was basing this off.

This photo doesn’t do this part of the track justice, you actually need to use the chain to prevent failure. The chain section stretched for 400m and other walkers on the track kept telling us this was the “best part”.

This was the best part. My jog back down the mountain made my feet very hot and this stream was the perfect place to cool them down. Just because you wear socks with your vans it doesn’t turn them into a suitable bush walking shoe. I learnt my lesson today.

Air 180’s were a dream this afternoon. Finally got to drop into Sushi Mania which is always a win.


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