Day 2

With our first few polo games out of the way, day two we were ready to play. The days play was based on a double elimination process, therefore if you lost two consecutive games you were out of the comp. Bennett’s loud mouth approach and the heat generated by Alf’s shots started to make Fixie GC the people’s favourite, not to mention our lack of skills and willingness to take a dive.

First rule of bike polo “Don’t be a dickhead”, I know Bennett read the rules but he might have skipped that line. His mouth didn’t stop moving, with some well thought out lines streaming out. “Don’t touch me” sums it up though, Sam was even nice enough to make him a wheel cover. Sam also brought along a full face mask, that was a crowd favourite.

We were knocked out after four games in the morning. I’m fine with getting dominated by good polo teams, but our final game was not a nice way to finish off. This particular teams approach to polo wasn’t very well received. It was a moral victory though, with some strong support behind the team.

It was a solid weekend over all. We didn’t win the wooden spoon and received the people’s choice award which we were stoked to receive. Alf also picked himself up a set of Velocity Chukkers for his polo efforts over the weekend. Big thanks to all that were involved especially Dan and Gypo for the organisation of the event. As well as the boys from Sydney who supported us from the start, even after beating us 5-0 in one of the early match’s.


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