Day 1

Two weeks of training, a selection of bikes and team  Fixie GC was ready for the National Bike Polo tournament. First up I just rode my bike as is because it was built to take a beating and it didn’t let me down over the two days. The large guy is Alf and he just happened to win his bike. To wrap things up the man behind Fixie GC and the driving force behind polo on the Gold Coast Bennett. Bennett’s bike was like nothing else on the courts over the whole weekend. I hear lock rings are pretty expensive these days and at the end of the day you just can’t trust them, but a home brewed welded cog will never let you down (Bennett’s concept, to his credit he was correct). Some teams brought along groupies and we were no different, introducing Sam Stewart. Sam brought his camera skills and positive encouragement across the weekend.  Special thanks go to Jean for being super tolerant and putting up with Bennett’s no filter thought process to conversation.

I wrapped up the actual polo aspect of the day in my last post. Now with your introduction to the team, I’ll be able to continue onto day 2.


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